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Subject: [[[NEWS]]]
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mrdavid 7.07.11 - 06:23pm
TJ9sqEDXY43EU14OcIKf.jpg *

mrdavid 9.07.11 - 04:04am

mrdavid 23.07.11 - 05:37pm
Singer Amy Winehouse found dead in her london flat 2day (sa ay) possible overdose. *

mrdavid 6.10.11 - 09:50am
Can u believe Prodigits is aBMUCA0ASNXypCkY725l.gif ? TrMbY7Sm5Fo6JMLXSxbO.gif think i first joined in 06! *

mzsusie 6.10.11 - 08:15pm
joined 2009 methinks . *

mrdavid 10.12.11 - 03:05pm
thank you to the owner for putting a SEARCH BOX in files. Looking for a song is only a search away now. Simply Scroll down to search box and type in the artist or song u want and it will appear! *

mrdavid 19.03.12 - 03:05am
A big well done to the site owner Ahmet, for adding more info to the group files! ie file size and how many times the file gets dowloaded. Good Stuff Bro thanks.GIF *

mrdavid 21.05.12 - 12:42pm
R.i.p. To donna Summer & Robin Gibb! Music wont be the same! angel.GIF *

mrdavid 1.08.12 - 08:17pm
I Just removed the joke topic! Was too rude for under 18s. *

mrdavid 13.09.12 - 12:31am
Not Happy about my file titles being edited! It's not on! Complete overkill... Words like, skan.king and coc.kiness? Wtf??? *

kenlady 30.09.12 - 09:10am
A new member on fallen in love with the group. Always saw it on my friends chart until I gave it a serious look. Am here to stay n hope to add value to the group. *

mrdavid 1.10.12 - 09:18am
Hello there and a big welcome! *

kenlady 1.10.12 - 07:55pm
Hey MD, tx. *

mrdavid 19.10.12 - 04:45pm

File Upload Changes For Group Owners

Now you can upload a file AND select a folder for it at the same time! Simply go into the folder you want your file to go to, and upload from there... Well done Ahmet!


mrdavid 1.11.12 - 01:40am
To anyone who lost relatives in Hurricane Sandy! My thoughts are with you x *

kenlady 1.11.12 - 09:47pm
May God's peace be with each one of them. N to them tt departed, their souls rest in peace. *

mrdavid 24.12.12 - 01:00am
To those who celebrate christmas3.GIF All The Best! *

kenlady 24.12.12 - 03:44am
Hello Mr.David. Thank u the celebration wishes. U too have the best. *

mrdavid 8.09.14 - 03:13am
Apparently emboldened by the controversy surrounding his recent comments about depression KISS firebrand Gene Simmons stirred the pot again in an interview with his son Nick for Esquire saying that rock is finally dead. Ever the businessman, Simmons sees a creative vacuum emerging thanks to the proliferation of illegal file-sharing.

Rock did not die of old age, he explains. It was murdered. And the real culprit is that...15-year-old next door neighbor. Some brilliance, somewhere, was going to be expressed, and now it won't, because it's that much harder to earn a living playing and writing songs.

From Simmons' perspective, this line of thinking makes sense. Given, as he notes, the financial state of the music industry, you're unlikely to see a rock band the size of KISS (or using his examples: Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the numerous classic Motown artists, Madonna, U2, Prince, Pink Floyd) tale off in 2014. As he notes, a band like Tame Impala isn't going to fill out stadiums, but that being said, the vibrancy and diversity of the current rock world flies in the face of his assertion that the genre as a whole has deceased.

As for what advice he can offer to aspiring rock musicians, Simmons says Don't quit your day job. When I was coming up, it was not an insurmountable mountain, he says of the process of breaking out as a new band. There are still record companies, and it does apply to pop, rap, and country to an extent. But for performers who are also songwriters the creators for rock music, for soul, for the blues it's finally dead.

But not if Dave Grohl has anything to say about it. Though he hasn't yet offered any official comment, Foo Fighters posted the Esquire interview to their Facebook page with the note Not so fast, Mr. God of Thunder... Perhaps they'll force Simmons to reevaluate once Sonic Highways, their eighth studio album, hits stores on November 10. *

mrdavid 2.09.15 - 04:07pm Bono's group has made more money from Facebook investment than from all his music *

mrdavid 11.01.16 - 12:56pm
R.I.P David Bowie *

mrdavid 21.04.16 - 08:10pm
R.I.P Prince *

mrdavid 25.12.16 - 10:20am
A Merry Christmas to ALL *

oldr3dbull 26.12.16 - 03:47am
R.i.p. george michael *

winxxx 7.02.17 - 04:25pm
No other posts f0r 2017? Maybe i wl b the first one helloshout.GIFevery0ne! Kamusta mus amigoswave.GIF *

mrdavid 9.02.17 - 05:45pm
Hellio there wave.GIF hope you are well *

golumeena 10.03.17 - 05:35pm
give an idea *

mrdavid 24.03.17 - 12:39am
R.I.P Mr Chuck Berry *

mrdavid 24.03.17 - 01:03am

golumeena 10.03.17 - 05:35pm
give an idea * OK. A singer,songwriter and actor,born in 1941,earned 16 Grammy awards,was part of a duo. Who is he?

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