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mrdavid 30.09.09 - 03:30pm
Post your requests and i will try my hardest to upload the video or song,pics ect.. Remember files cant b higher than 3 mb! And please make your songs clear. Thanks!TWM4dgTMsJvQUQJi3Ber.gif *

mrdavid 30.06.10 - 03:33am
just a thanks to all the ppl who have been inboxing requests to me.keep em coming and glad to help.thanks again.x *

mrdavid 12.07.10 - 03:16am
i hope u enjoy the new songs clara.thats all i could find 4 the moment but al keep tryin 4 the other bands u mentioned.x *

mcrqueen 13.07.10 - 02:31am
Thnx, dnt worry i will wait for it. *

pointy 25.07.10 - 11:44pm
Can u get wwe songs *

mrdavid 26.07.10 - 04:55am
here is a link to WWE theme*asterix* Hope you find what your looking for mate. *

mrdavid 26.07.10 - 08:16am
to amanda.your 2 ringtones are in randoms Retro_music_by_DarkVenusPersephonae.jpg?t=1304997895 *

tyson16 2.08.10 - 04:42am
Can u try to get Limp Bizkit: Welcome Home Sanitarium (metallica cover) the full song. Not the recorded. Thanx Mrdavid :D *

mrdavid 2.08.10 - 12:19pm
as u will know,that is a 6 minute song.i got a live version of metallica singing it tho its a amr file.the limp bizkit version is also live but i had 2 cut it to 4 mins.that one is mp3.thats the best i can do for now! *

tyson16 2.08.10 - 05:41pm
Awsome bro :) its better then nothin :) thanx *

lusypher 5.08.10 - 05:29am
Hello, could you by any chance as ive noticed. That you have a couple of acdc's track, is there any chance that you could get hold of Hells bells. or Touch too much. By acdc would be very much apreciated, thanx. Kevin *

mrdavid 5.08.10 - 08:20am
Hi Kevin thanks for the requests. Well the good news is i got both songs you asked for. The bad news is they are too big to fit in the group so had to cut them. Touch too much(2mins) Hells bells (4mins) best i can do bud.u will find both in randoms folder! *

tyson16 6.08.10 - 11:20pm
Hey could you get Metallica I Disappear? *

mrdavid 8.08.10 - 02:21am
yup its in dude. *

lusypher 8.08.10 - 09:53am
Hello, david is there any chance you maybe can get these; Heart-Magic man. Sisters of mercy-Marianne. Him-Vampire heart. Maroon 5- ur beautiful. Rainbow-All night long. Thank you my friend, and thanx for the ringtones that i downloaded this morning my bud. *

lusypher 8.08.10 - 10:01am
Hello, buddy ive got afew more tracks for you david. Steppen wolf - born to be wild. Dylan - joker man. Nirvana - Heartshaped box. & Saxon - 747 strangers in the night. Thanx david much apreciated, my friend. *

mrdavid 9.08.10 - 01:23am
managed to get most of them Kevin.sum ringtones and some full songs.u asked for sum classics there.u know ur music.enjoy! *

sophie95 13.08.10 - 07:59am
Heyy can you get the song kickstarts by example thanx a bunch XD *

mrdavid 13.08.10 - 10:38am
hi.that song is just too big for the group at the make a long ringtone i can do for now. *

lusypher 18.08.10 - 11:57am
Good afternoon david. Can you get any zztop at all like Give me all ur lovin & Sharp dressed man my bud much apreciated my friend and thanx a million. *

mrdavid 18.08.10 - 12:25pm
Hi Kevin,yup got em 8 zz top songs.enjoy! guitar.GIF *

tyson16 23.08.10 - 12:29am
Hey david.... Could u get a few songs for me? The Unforgiven. The Unforgiven 2. Scream aim and fire. And the last one Waking the Demon.... I hope this isn't to much trouble..... Thank u a bunch bro... *

mrdavid 23.08.10 - 03:22am
hi the 2 Metallia songs but the Bullet For My Valentine are just ringtones for now.hope to have them soon tho.Enjoy! *

mrdavid 23.08.10 - 05:30pm
got Waking The Demon (full song) *

xmextalx 26.08.10 - 08:30pm
Greetings. Could u try find piledriver by mr big please mate. Cheers *

mrdavid 27.08.10 - 12:12am
Hi buddy, Any more info on the song piledriver ? Found Mr Big but didnt see that song in their catalogue bud..... *

xexmx 29.08.10 - 09:05am
Hello mrdavid,please could u find Touch of an angel by children of bodum *

tyson16 29.08.10 - 08:48pm
Hey bud :) is it ok if u get the Disturbed song Asylum? *

mrdavid 29.08.10 - 09:25pm
to xexmx.only in ringtone for now, sorry! (About 60 secs) *

mrdavid 29.08.10 - 09:30pm
to tyson16. Got sum disturbed songs waiting to go have a good look for Asylum tho.again bud it may b a ringtone version! Sorry.just let me know if u want the link to the full song. That goes for anybody looking to find any particular song. *

tyson16 29.08.10 - 09:46pm
Thanx bud :) *

xmextalx 30.08.10 - 11:51am
Alrite mate hows it goin? Could u try find keep me guessing by status quo please mate? Cheers *

mrdavid 30.08.10 - 02:21pm
got Asylum.just ringtone tho.hoping to have full song very soon! The Status quo song is a bonus track and is proving difficult to get.should have it for today tho buddy! *

xexmx 31.08.10 - 11:25pm
Thats ok david Thank you *

poppix0x 1.09.10 - 04:45am
Hi hows u.x chas n dave *

mrdavid 1.09.10 - 05:36am
hi there lol x um is that a request for Chas n Dave? Hmm thinking.GIF *

poppix0x 1.09.10 - 06:22am
Yes please.x happy *

mrdavid 1.09.10 - 07:16am
lol i hear ya! To pointy who asked me to get wwe songs?got sum ringtones in. *

lusypher 4.09.10 - 05:12am
Hello, my good friend can you get any tracks by My dying bride thanx bud, kevin :-D *

mrdavid 4.09.10 - 03:34pm
Hey Kevin, al certainly try my friend,but maybe just ringtonese. *

teasex 6.09.10 - 04:21pm
lim bizkit think its just called blue eyes *

mrdavid 6.09.10 - 04:54pm
ok got it.going in today. *

tyson16 7.09.10 - 02:43am
Hey bro i need a few songs. Holy Diver. Rainbow in the Dark. Die Die My Darling *

mrdavid 7.09.10 - 04:02am
got em bro *

winxxx 7.09.10 - 06:27am
Hi mr david may i req.... Angels brought me here by Guy Sebastian, if u hv short lenght of dis wl be fine..thanks.GIF *

mrdavid 7.09.10 - 06:54am
hello the song.but its by Carry Underwood im afraid.full song. *

tyson16 8.09.10 - 12:05am
Hey bro can u get me Mindless Self Indulgence shut me up? *

mrdavid 8.09.10 - 12:47am
All i can get is ringtone.the file is too big. Around 34 secs. U still want it? *

tyson16 8.09.10 - 01:16am
Sure bro *

ladi6 9.09.10 - 05:52am
cn u get chiddy bang - truth and the ready set - love like woah. where dyu get ur musik cn i ux pleeez? *

mrdavid 9.09.10 - 11:36am
yup al try but doubtful atm.if i find it al send u the link if u want.opposite of adults in tho! grin.GIF *

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