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divakar3 28.02.14 - 05:06pm
okay then :-) *

mrdavid 28.02.14 - 05:54pm
so what do u like about the song? it sounds badly edited chin.GIF

femcat38 1.03.14 - 07:26am
Hi mrdavid :) I have been looking everywhere on the net for a free version of a song called Man in motion (St Elmos fire) by: John Par. Can you help :)

Thankyou :) *

mrdavid 1.03.14 - 04:01pm
wow.GIF takes me back lol great choice Femcat, now in files wink2.GIF *

mrdavid 1.03.14 - 04:06pm
love it lol *

femcat38 2.03.14 - 03:25am
The movie St Elmos Fire was great too. :) I love the 80s. I wish I could go back & live there forever lol :) Thankyou for the song grouphug.GIF love it :) *

femcat38 12.03.14 - 09:56am
Hi :) Heres another oldie for you from the end credits from the original version of the tv show 90210. Can you upload, Jeremy Jordan - Right kind of love. hug.GIF Thankyou :) *

mrdavid 12.03.14 - 09:48pm
Hello there my friend hug.GIF this group is full again so your song is in the 2nd group x *

lakeoffire 23.07.14 - 08:56am
Where's my Noel Gallagher version of Strawberry Fields Forever by Beatles (In Japan) Can't find your download pal? *

mrdavid 23.07.14 - 02:55pm
Hi, sorry but its in mrdavid2, this group has its allowed limit *

missmobi 31.08.14 - 01:14pm
mr lol is loyal chris brown on & rita ora pls im after that Rude song soz duno who sings it yet pmsl *

mrdavid 31.08.14 - 02:42pm
dunno the rita ora one u mean but the other 2 are in second group. Magic - Rude, in M files, Chris brown in C files *

ravivijayok 31.08.14 - 02:59pm
nod.GIF *

tara2015 30.10.14 - 06:29am
Id like some fine tune ringtones *

mrdavid 30.10.14 - 07:33pm

meck 8.11.14 - 01:59pm
Stay with me SAM SMITH *

mrdavid 8.11.14 - 08:41pm
It's in mrdavid2 *

sexysal2 19.11.14 - 11:04pm
I like dirty dancing music *

mrdavid 29.11.14 - 07:26am
plenty of dirty dancing tunes here wink2.GIF *

ethan123 5.12.14 - 02:55am
i need help,?:(i need 2 find rude song;) *

shekalaminsesay 21.12.14 - 12:04pm
How can I get this song *

mrdavid 23.12.14 - 12:38pm
anyone looking for a song must state the name of the song and the artist, RIP Joe c*cker.

rainbowb 14.07.15 - 01:08am
Hiya not sure if u will b able2trace this track as not sure if av got title right but am wantin an old club track called PASSION by GAT DEC'OR if u can it would b miracle as would a track from a cream live cd called WELCOME TO THE CLUB by artists CLUB LONELY its a old cd av been tryin2get tracks wi no sucess so far if any1can find em its you .xx *

brahmakr 22.07.15 - 08:28am
hi friend,i want beautiful nature video *

mrdavid 7.09.15 - 11:45pm
The group has had a reshuffle and a lot of old files have been removed, now plenty room for requests again. so if your looking for a song let me know *

mrdavid 13.09.15 - 02:10am Aqua-Barbie Girl *

mrdavid 17.09.15 - 09:52pm
Hello whats your request? *

jajabinx 4.12.15 - 02:17pm
Hi thanks for a great group . Can you please add some more sam Smith. Also smokey if you think you know how to love me original version and the slower version please x *

jajabinx 4.12.15 - 03:40pm
Thanx for the sam smith tracks x *

mrdavid 4.12.15 - 04:15pm
Your welcome jaja. ah the old ones are the best wink2.GIF x *

jajabinx 5.12.15 - 03:29pm
Thank you x *

dear 30.04.16 - 08:49pm
hello.. do u hv a song titled November Rain by GNR? *

mrdavid 1.05.16 - 02:48am
Yes. Its in the 90s folder *

ltslegz 25.07.16 - 12:12am
Any chance you could get Callum Scott, Dancing on my own plz and Perfect Strangers xx *

missmobi 30.07.16 - 01:14pm
Muppet lol i want sum tunez pls 99Souls the boy is mine pls beg.GIF *

missmobi 30.07.16 - 06:39pm
more UB40 pls labour luv 1 *

mrdavid 31.07.16 - 03:45pm
Haha plenty UB40 mate *

missmobi 26.08.16 - 05:34pm
s*xy are you ready got a list
1, Ginuwine Pony
2, Janet Kay Silly Games
3 ,John Newman c*m & Get it
4,Jakie Graham Set me Free
5,jay Sean Make My Luv Go i replyed incase i forgot any lol UB40 are no more can ya beleve it crybaby.GIF *

mrdavid 26.08.16 - 11:41pm
I know lol, good songs btw enjoy your weekend mrs *

missmobi 26.10.16 - 06:06am
can you do that Im dancing on my own calum sumthing lol cheers *

missmobi 26.10.16 - 04:43pm
is it done mr as sum1 as already asked *

mrdavid 28.10.16 - 12:57pm
yup Lol take care, hope your back is holding up, enjoy the tune *

mj2 16.04.17 - 07:32am
lollz *

davidbel 23.08.17 - 06:54am
New Chinese band FFC-Acrush debuted on Aug 18, 2017
Check out their first MV ~ Action *

missmobi 28.10.17 - 10:18pm
can you do me pretty pls sxy as* lol Sean Paul Ft Sasha Im Still in Luv Wiv You thanks *

foxy.admin 11.11.17 - 11:00am
Dont steal others pics and topics *

warded 6.05.18 - 06:24pm
Children of Bodom - Somebody put something in my drink *

juciluc 27.06.18 - 11:47pm
Hi mrdavid please can you up load paradise by George ezru. :) *

mrdavid 4.07.18 - 08:13am
hi, sorry about delay, al put requests in very soon *

mrdavid 5.07.18 - 11:26pm
Songs in Folks *

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